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    Welcome to the Newtest Knowledge database! Enjoy!

    Please keep in mind that this wiki is not intended to replace Newtest support.

    We invite you to reach our Newtest CST team helpdesk system if you are not sure what to do or if you have any doubt on an action related to Newtest products.
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    Current versions:


    4.2.0 R0 8.2.0 R1

    Supported versions:


    3.1.0 R2 7.6.0 R1 CU17

    Supported versions: see the support matrix

    Known current issues

    All systems with Windows 2012R2 : KB2931358 and 2931366 seem to block the .NET 3.5 installation


    Robot 760R1 CU14 and before:

    • Windows 10 Robot license reset issue on some distributions. Replace the PC_ID usage within Newtest licensing with the machine name by setting NO_PCID=1 in the [NEWTEST] section of the Robot's NEWTEST.INI on the NMC, reset the license and reboot the robot.
    • Newtest RIA: issue with Chrome 58+ on https sites. In order to stay with version 57, activate "chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost" or rename the "Update" folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Google to something else.
    • Newtest RIA: Microsoft Proxy configuration problem with Robot in session mode. Only one proxy per session recommended : use the regular browser proxy settings and not setoption() from the NewtRIA scenario. Changing the proxy several times in a single session may cause unavailability of your scenarios due to a Microsoft proxy management issue.
    • StartNetcapture capture content discrepancy vs. wireshark capture for SMB protocol (file transfer)

    NMC 3.1 R0

    • LDAPS (secured) not workking with Oracle LDAP
    • Issue with Sysinfos from robots

    NMC 3.0.x

    • Availability ranges in case of robot failure: The availability ranges (a.k.a. Status ranges) are calculated since vers 3.0 on the NMC based on scenario statuses. However, when a Robot fails (crashes) and stops sending data to the NMC, the last status will be registered until restoration. This may cause longer unavailability ranges than actually happening. The resolution is planned for version 4 based on new design choices.


    NMC - Newtest Mangement Console DWH - Datawarehouse NRS - Newtest Reporting Service


    NOP - Newtest Operation Portal

    NES - Newtest Data Export Service NBI - Newtest Business Intelligence


    CLT - Collector NTBR - Transaction Builder for Robots PROBES


    Nagios Patrol Others



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