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Delete a collector


    It is always possible to delete a collector. There's no data related with a collector so that this manipulation will not cause data missing problem.


    Before action


    Attention, althought no data is directly related with a collector, you still have several robots connected to it. If you delete directly your collector, your robots will loose connection with their controller and keep generating the following error message :  ERR   Cannot connect to STCPIP:COLLECTOR:8181  WARN  -Cannot send heart beat to STCPIP:COLLECTOR [TRANSPORT]


    It is important to move all robots which relates to the collector under another controller (NMC or another collector).


    1. Move a robot to another controller through NMC interface


    You may modify it through NMC interface -> System -> Component. Do not forget to save your changes after the change.



    2. Move a serie or robots to another controller using ROBOTBATCHSETTING


    If you have a serie of robots to move, it is in deed a lot of work to do through NMC interface. In this case, you may use the ROBOTBATCHSETTING.EXE tool on your NMC server to change robots' Newtest.ini files. You may find this tool in ${INSTALL_DIR\}ClientModules\Exe. Here's the command to execute:

    reference to undefined name 'syntax' Une exception de type 'MindTouch.Deki.Script.Runtime.DekiScriptUndefinedNameException' a été levée. (click for details)
    -- XXX-XXXXXX : Company Code, Ex: '200-000001'
    -- AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA : Controller Software Key, Ex: '000-000-000-001'
    -- <ServerName> --> Controller IP Address / Collector DNS Name, Ex: 'COLLECTORMACHINE'
    --<port> --> Controller Newtest Port, Ex: 8181

    Delete a collector from Database


    To delete a collector from Newtest datebase, you will firstly need to know its Company ID and Soft Key. You may get these information from NMC interface -> Components. 



    Or you may use the following SQL query :

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    Execute the attached procedure by following SQL query :

    reference to undefined name 'syntax' Une exception de type 'MindTouch.Deki.Script.Runtime.DekiScriptUndefinedNameException' a été levée. (click for details)



    Restart Newtest Bridge module


    After having deleted the collector from the database, you also need to delet it from NMC server's Newtest.ini file. You may find this Newtest.ini file in \NewtestData\ClientModules\NewtestBridge\. You will find [COLLECTORS] section and all declared collectors in this file :

    Please delete the one which you want to remove from this section and reorder other ServerRemClcParams. Ex. if you want to delete the first one in your list, then you will need to rename  ServerRemClcParam1 to ServerRemClcParam0, ServerRemClcParam2 to ServerRemClcParam1, etc.
    Save the change and restart the NewtestBridge Module (NewtServI for NMC 2.2.1).
    In NMC 2.2.1, you need to restart the Newtest Server Integrity service.
    In NMC 3.x, you may restart the Bridge module by NRM Proxy -> Advanced -> Admin -> NewtservBridge -> Restart.



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