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    Restauration of DTW database

    We do not rebuild the database of the data warehouse .

    Restoring the data base NewtestDWH runs succinctly as follows:

    • Stop SQL jobs who open connections to the database to be restored
    • Stop related Windows services
    • Restoring the database
    • Upgrading pointers NMC / DWH
    • Re-enabling and checking performance of jobs and services
    • Check system with NMC supervision

    The datas collected between crash time and restore time are not automatically inserted.
    Be sure to backup your transaction log files " NewtestDHW_Log.ldf " .
    This operation can be critical, we strongly recommend to call the Newtest support for any database backup restoration after a crash.
    Any restoration of database could causes a loss of less than 24 hours of datas.
    Newtest support could help you to re-inject missing datas if time elapsed between crash and backup is less than the value of the " NbDays_Purge " parameter which is 4 days by default.


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