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    SQL DataWareHouse Naming rule

    The DWH is on your SQL instance
    You can put the server name of your choice

    Name of the DWH database

    The name of the database is imposed ( NewtestDWH ) but may be changed.
    After this change, it is necessary to re-set all of the following elements : SSIS lot of power DWH , all lots ETL dataprocessing , datatransfert maintenanceplan are to update and all procedures associated with the data transfer, datasources analysis SSAS side of NRS and NRS server side related .

    However, if the base is renamed, you wouldn't be able to easily apply our automatic patches on your DWH. You will have to pass all the update scripts manually adjusting them with the new name.

    Change login / password

    The login/password to access DWH can be changed ( newtestdwh / newtestdwh ) but must be reconfigured after each patch.

    Renaming user and password required to modify :

    • the DataTransfer_SQL.dtsConfig "C: \ Newtest \ SSIS \ DataTransfer SQLSERVER \ DataTransfer_SQL.dtsConfig " of NMC ,
    • datasources analysis of NRS SSAS side
    • and server side related NRS.


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