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    PURGE_RAW_DATA: retention period for raw data in the datawarehouse

    - In Oracle DataWareHouse, the PURGE_RAW_DATA value is registered in days, and must always be greater than or equal to the NbDays_Purge value defined in the reporting.

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    The PURGE_RAW_DATA parameter is not included in the stored procedure in the version DWH 2.2.0R1, the retention day is setup to 93 days.

    This procedure is fixed in 2.2.1R6

    - In SQL Server DataWareHouse, the PURGE_RAW_DATA value is registered in months, and must always be between 1 and 11 before V3.0.

    The number entered is the number of months of raw data we will keep in the DataWareHouse. 

    PURGE_AGREG_DATA: retention period for daily average data in the datawarehouse (monthly is kept indefinitely)

    In both Oracle/SQL server DataWareHouse : days


    Purge DWH V3

    if you need to purge objects in DWH without waiting for the scheduled job to run (it runs everyday at 02:00 AM)

    Run the following query on NewtestData for SQL server:

    update [dbo].[LogProcedure_Current]

    set [LPR_StartTime] = NULL

    WHERE [LPR_Procedure] = 'ps_SSIS_CheckJobPurge_SQL'

    or for Oracle:

    update [dbo].[LogProcedure_Current]

    set [LPR_StartTime] = NULL

    WHERE [LPR_Procedure] = 'ps_SSIS_CheckJobPurge_ORA'


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