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Build corrections

    Report Portal build 182 correction

    182 support ie10
    1. Report Approval can now be controlled by Admin > Settings > Approval. Following new options are now available: - Disable Approval capability - Notify Approvers by email - Notify Publishers about approvals by email - Require Approval after any report modification

    2. Scheduler - Subscription for SSRS File report type - Scheduler will now require that at least one subscriber is selected - Ability to select filter values for SQL Report via a dropdowns - Admin > Schedules will show the History Tab

    3. OLAP - Ability to enter a value directly into a cell when the cube is Write-back enabled - PDF Export will now include Data Bars and Gradients - “Parent on bottom” option will also work for the Expand All mode - New Option to disable Analyze context menu item

    4. Other OLAP Reports - Better Localization support - Filter search

    5. Data Entry form - Many-to-Many: Selected-Available Lists with search box - DB Lookup: Search Box - Data Grid will show Value for each key as specified in a dropdown or DB Lookup - New Options: Data Grid Sorting Column

    6. SSRS File: - Different Parameters and Date Pickers support - Drillthrough support

    7. Dashboard > Open sub reports in a new windows with filters

    8. ROLAP report - Delete filter icon is deleted because the filter can be deleted via the Filters Drop panel

    9. Treemap report - New Options: Show Drill down icon

    10. Report Tree will have - The approve icon next to the folder that will require approval - Search will allow search for not approved reports

    11. Admin - User Filter Value - is now filtered by Type (OLAP, SQL or ROLAP) - Site Includes > Login Page will provide a link for a "White Labeled" site. - Connection - Ability to pass windows user name and password to SQL and OLAP connection types - Settings

    Improved Look and Feel
    Log Usage (Create Reports): Two new reports: Subscription Errors and Performance by Minute
    “Show iframe dialogs” option will show spinning load dialog icon
    Excel: Version = Excel 2007+ or Excel 97-2003, Export Data only and Export Chart options
    12. SaveDbToFile.vbs and SaveFileToDb.vbs are scripts that can download and upload files from a folder and into ReportPortal

    Bug fixes:

    1. OLAP Report - PDF Chart Legend item height is sometimes distorted - Date Picker bug - Drillthrough shows some numbers in scientific notation - Search does not show results when the default measure has no data - Export with paging export current page only

    2. SQL Report - Saving an existing report to another report will not overwrite the old report’s filters - (nolock) keyword is changed to “with (nolock)” - SQL Builder does not show right alias when the tab character is used

    3. Admin - Settings > “Show iframe dialogs” option creates dialogs in which a textbox sometimes cannot be selected - Localize - bug when value has a double quote - Site Include - ignores (Design and Admin) menu security

    4. OWC Report – produces Write back Error during commit (RP will use XMLA to commit data to DB when this happens)

    5. Crystal Report - does not release resources after the report is rendered



    1) New Report Type: SSRS File - unlike SSRS server the RDL file is uploaded directly into ReportPortal. This is useful when SSRS server is installed behind the firewall and users need to access SSRS report from outside of the network.

    2) OLAP Report - Excel 2007+ Drag and Drop interface - Improved performance for paging - KPI Wizard to include expanded gauge - Sorting of Drillthrough results

    3) Updated version of charts for OLAP, SQL and ROLAP reports - Chart Dialog: HTML tab is removed. - HTML5 charting will be used if the browser will not support Flash.

    4) Improved iPad support. HTML5 charting will be used.

    5) Admin > Themes and Styles - Themes are updated to look more modern. - New classes (button, Panel and win) are added have better control. - New section (Menu) is added to better control menus

    Admin > Site Includes - lets administrator change HTML for header Footer and Login page
    Admin > Settings > Site Settings
    - Temp Folder Path - Show iframe dialogs - Row highlighting

    Admin > Settings > OLAP Report: Time Dimension - Current Date Position
    Admin > Email template > "HTML Editor" checkbox
    Admin > localize: new icon
    Admin > User and Role has first and last name next to the user name
    Admin User, Role: XMLA Properties field that can be used for custom SSAS security using Roles and CustomData connection attributes
    6) DB Admin - Export Table Schema - Identity Insert - Data Entry Button

    7) Data Entry: - Performance improvement for Oracle - New "Email Record" option

    8) SQL Report - CSV exporting is localized depending of the selected Locale. - Loading... status message in view mode

    9) Design mode of most report types will show the report type and "Connect/Open Report" to help with navigation

    10) KPI Report, Link, Crystal, Freeform Dashboard, Design > Manage Reports and Security: ability to resize report tree

    11) Crystal Report will use temp file with name based on ReportId + SessionID

    12) Report Tree: Subscription icon next to the report name will not be visible for people that will not receive subscriptions from this report

    13) Blog: new "Notify Subscribers" option next to Submit button

    Bug fixes:

    1) Save Report Dialog - Space in front of report name 2) ROLAP Geo Chart Export bug fix 3) Tree Map Report Double-click Menu Fix 4) Admin > Connection > Security - cannot see user that does not have First and Last name set 5) Bubble Chart > Pad Percent 6) PDF generation blows up when chart image Height is over 650 7) OLAP Report: - Analyze in new window with filters bug - Floating Field List bug 8) Dashboard Excel Export bug for non-IE browsers

    Build 179, May 15, 2012


    1) OLAP Report - Mondrian - Pentaho support http://mondrian.pentaho.com/ - New option: Hide All Member - HTML in Report Description can be exported to PDF - If the platform is iPad and use HTML charts will be used instead of Flash charts - Save Dialog: Report icon is disabled when a folder is selected - New Chart option: Show Anchors - New Chart option: Show label every Nth step - SSAS 2012 Tabular Mode support (will show results when no measure is selected and new “Hide All Member” option will be selected) - Ability to reserve Drillthough selection on Report or Cube-User level

    2) ROLAP - Admin: Ability to create and schedule an aggregation as an SQL Report - Admin: Ability to change the name of aggregation table - New drag and drop interface (Excel 2007+ style). http://www.reportportal.com/help/images/rolap/panels.gif - Safari and iPad support

    3) Data Entry - New Option: Email record - Upload Extension validation - Additional File Types: PDF, Word, Excel and Power Point - Oracle, Paging Performance improvement

    4) Report Tree - Search by Report Type: Report Types are ordered by categories, - Ability to filter reports by report type category. - Ability to Freeze the Report Tree header

    5) Installation - Check credential for XMLA setup - New script (UpdateDb.vbs) can be used in case database changes were not applied due to database permission problem.

    6) SQL Report: - Ability to export reports that do not run on load without loading them first - Options > Columns tab > Text Align (Left, Center, Right)

    7) Admin - Settings > Report Tree > "Report tree width" will now apply to all report types - Themes and Styles > Edit > Validation - Edit Report Schema: support for all report types

    8) Dashboard - Reports cannot be added or deleted in view mode - Description support for Blog and Wiki

    Bug fixes:

    1) OLAP Report - Analyze JS Error - Chrome/Safari support for filter resizing - Safari: OLAP Drillthough - Scatter chart color - Word EXPAND was hardcoded - When saving a calculation into the shared lib the user will be notified if the user session is timed out

    2) SQL Template based report design mode: Expand functionality does not work

    3) Admin > Localize > Save - Unicode bug

    4) Dashboard: Chrome bug


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