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    Newtest BI Jobs status indicators not updated

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    In the Newetst BI interface, the three status indicators for 'Full Processing', 'Incremental Processing' and 'Users Transfer' are not up to date.

    PrtScr capture_4.jpg


    The state of service operation is loading when you access to the site NBI.
    The NBI has a different behaviour than NEP.
    The status are store in cache and they won't be refreshed before you reload the website.
    The problem can be your browser settings. Delete all your browsing history on IE and set up to check for newers versions of stored pages every time you visit the webpage.
    The three items in the bar below the main menu display the state of service operation (a green indicator means all is well; red signifies a fault): Full processing (green): full processing of OLAP cubes was completed correctly. Incremental Processing (green): incremental processing of the cubes was completed correctly (cube partition D to D-4). Transfer of Users (green): synchronization of users between NMC and Newtest BI was completed correctly. The state of these jobs is loaded with the following images:


    Exclude the site NBI from your proxy cache.

    unrecognized configuration section 'xhtmlConformance'

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    Context: IIS6


    Specify the VDIR NBI iis6 to use ASP.NET version 2.0.50727.

    C:\inetpub\wwwroot\NBI\Web.config requestValidationMode="2.0"

    The Result cube either does not exist or has not been processed

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     Whenever I select a Cube under Newtest Reports such as Availability & Performance Trends, I get an error such as this:
    The Result cube either does not exist or has not been processed., MDX:select {[Measurement].[CategoryHierarchy].[MeasurementCategory].&[SCENARIO]} on columns from [Result]


    This issue might happen when the cube is processing while you are browsing the reports, unfortunate coincidence...


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