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Alarm SNMP

    Table of contents

    SNMP Traps

    When SNMP flows can't be opened, two solutions : 
    1. Sending, by the robot, of an alarm email, which will be parsed and transformed into SNMP Trap in the customer network format.
    2. Using the Alarm Routing Center:
    The Alarm routing center can operate : 
    • routing of scenario generated alarms
    • issue of alarms from Newtest components (Robots, NMC, Collector) 

    SNMP Flow

    Test network link to SNMP receiver's IP with a telnet on port 162 (listener / SNMP manager) from your NMC server.

    Enrich SNMP Trap

    You can write the available system variables in our NTBR online help ("and run-time variables constant Global") 
    as "$(SCENARIO_NAME)" in the message trap to configure in the properties of each scenario at the alarm tab.
    Snmp traps sent by the robot already contain the name of the robot (OID sysname), the scenario name (OID almSce) and a message (OID almMsg).


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