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Data regulation

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    How data regulation works

    The probes send data blocks to the NMC server when the newtsrvi service is running. One data block contains between 2 and 5000 messages (short cache: scenarios and probes status; long cache:response time, results of execution, alarms, diagnostics).. 
    The warning "processing time" in the newtserv.log correspond to the time between reception of one data block from a robot and the insertion in cache tables. It's a data block treatment time from end-to-end. If the treatment of one block overload 60 seconds, the robot unacknowledged the data block and try to resend it. The consequence of this kind of block treatment duration is a slow regulation time This warning (loggued during the data regulation) arrives when treatements took more than 60 seconds.
    The data processing jobs will increase the  CPU consumption during parallels cache treatments in database (dtexec.exe). (one core usage by dtexec runs) Anormal times during data insertion can be due to an increase of I/O on drive.
    The version 3 will inform you during data regulation. Moreover, this version will be able to regulate the lastest recent data first, and the old one after asynchronously.


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