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How to move Video Diags Directory

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    Procedure depends on the Newtest version :
    v2.2.1 :
    1.Stop Newtest Server Integrity service to block reception of new datas
    2.Move the Diags directory (X:\Newtest\DIAG, value can be found in Newtest.ini (DIAG section, DIR value)
    3.Change the value in Newtest.ini with the new path.
    4.Start Newtest Server Integrity service
    v3.0 :
    1.Stop Newtest Bridge and Newtest Archiver services
    2.Move the Diags directory (value can be found in Archiver configuration file – LocalArchivePath tag )
    3.Set the new value in configuration file
    4.Start Newtest Bridge and Newtest Archiver services



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