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Probes names Internal

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    There is no mechanism for renaming a probe. However, this action is possible.

    How to rename a probe

    There is no impact in the reporting because the probes are represented by an ID in database.

    • Stop the probe
    • Change the probe name from the NMC interface (component view)
    • Check the new name in the database:
    reference to undefined name 'syntax' Une exception de type 'MindTouch.Deki.Script.Runtime.DekiScriptUndefinedNameException' a été levée. (click for details)
    • Rename the repository (C:\Newtest\Probes\PROBENAME)
    • Changing newtest.ini side (Site, SharedSite and eventually defgroup)
    • Changing newtest.ini probe side (Site, SharedSite and eventually defgroup)
    • Launch the probe


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