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    1. In order to backup the repository you can copy/paste the probes folder to your computer.

    Be carefull:

    • When you export a project to a repository, all the thresholds are aligned with the thresholds defined in the database.
    • The connexion string in the newtest.ini file must be changed.
    1. How to migrate centralized Probes folder from an old 2.1.1 NEP to a new installed 2.21r2 NEP

    where A= old server 211, B=new primary server 221:

    • Make sure that all thresholds are identical on the 2 systems
    • Copy/paste the repository from A to B (initalisation step in order to not have error message about update2.ini)
    • Run robot properties and make an export to A of all probes to set up the connexion string (B primary, A secondary or not used)
    • Changed to both nmc the controller role
    • Copy/paste the repository from A to B
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