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Server properties

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    Diagnostics settings

    Run "Server properties" tool from the NMC server


    You can set up the diagnostics directory
    The "unzip period" parameter is used to choose a number of retention day for the diagnostics files. The "Keep zip files" is used to also keep the diagnostics as an archive (by default, this box isn't check to gain in performance when you open a diagnostic from the NMC interface).


    The "max diagnostics disk usage" is used to send an alarm to the NMC interface in order to warn you.

    If the diagnostics disk is nearly full, you will have to delete some files but you have to keep in mind that some diagnostics links will be broken in the NMC interface.



    All the information are stored in the newtest.ini file of the NMC server


    Here is an alarming example for a disk usage rule


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