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Invalid license issue


    For your information, the licences mangement have been improved since the NEP 22X (loading, check…). Now you get back a 10 days extension after permanent licence become invalid.
    Maximum duration of a trial licence is 180 days for a given PC-ID.
    You may find below different possibilities of invalid license issue.

    Causes 1. Activation of extra probes

    The Newtest License will check regularly if the number of declared probes fits to the number of authorized probes, this for each type of probe.
    For each type of probe, If more probes are activated than the number authorised, all probes of this kind will be immediatly deactivated.
    Example: in log file Newtsrvi.trc or 00+0x#NEWTSRVI.LOG for NEP V3.x, you could find the following error message:
    \:GetProductRights.GetProductRights.BGThread:Product 300\: overloaded max\: 22 current\: 23 09:16:43.536
    \:DesactivateProbes.SQLManager\:\:GetProductRights.GetProductRights.BGThread:Product rights type\: 300, desactivated
    To restore your Newtest solution, you will need to deactivate those extra probes and reinitialise all robots.

    Cause 2. VMTOOLS

    If your Newtest servers are installed on Virtual platformes, it is possible that your VM changes regularly its PC-ID. This may cause licence invalid problem.
    To prevent this kind of issue:
    • We highly suggest you to place your Newtest servers on physical machines. Unless you lauch major Windows updates or upgrade your OS, you will not meet this problem again.
    • If it is not possible to install Newtest solution on physical plateforms, we suggest you to disable the automatic update of your VMtool.
    In case neither of these solutions are possible, you will need to contact Newtest Support team for new licence each time your PC-ID changes.

    2.1Physical RDM to VMDK 

    Will a Physical RDM to VMDK Migration cause a NMC license to invalidate?
    Indeed, it is highly likely that the Newtest license becomes invalid.

    2.2 VMWare switching in a VM farm

    During a VM reboot on an ESX infra, VM could lose his PC-ID and thus the link with the licence. PC-ID is computed during robot installation. At restart of the VM that contains the robot, this VM is likely to change, preventing robot to communicate with NMC.
    VMware VM switches on a farm was not provided natively in the product Newtest.
    Each Newtest probe have a soft key and an hard key.
    The switches could change the probe's hard key, who will no longer match with the NMC key linked to the probe's soft key. Currently, the solution is to perform a probe's reset when this change occurs. You can, thru NMC's interface, multi-select all probes and appli the reset who will release the probe's hard key.
    Another solution would be to make static the Newtest Probe's VM.

    Cause 3. Server crash

    After a server crash, the license may be considered as corrupted.
    Please check if your PC-ID has been changed during the crash. You may export your license zip file from NMC interface (with NMC 2.2.1R10 and later) and compare PC-ID in Newtest.ini and Newtacc.ini. If they are different, please contact Newtest Support team for generating a new license file.
    For old NMC version without license export functionnality, you may find Newtest.ini in $(INSTALL_DIR)\ and Newtacc.ini in $(INSTALL_DIR)\EXE.
    If the PC-ID rest the same. Please execute the following command line in a Command Prompt console on your NMC server :
    iisreset -stop  
    iisreset -start 
    Reset IIS service will force NMC to reload its license file.
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