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Newtest Tmp directory size exceeds 20 Mb CRITICAL

    What is the Newtest Tmp directory size issue?

    You will get this kind of message in the log console when Newtest Tmp directory size exceeds its default value of 20 Mb.

    WIN-VPBB92SJ2AG   10:15:04.972 CRITICAL Newtest tmp directory size (117 Mb) exceeds 20 Mb
    WIN-VPBB92SJ2AG   10:14:04.816 INFO     Robot 301-031-049-121 connected async mode ...
    WIN-VPBB92SJ2AG   10:12:29.011 INFO     Probes  updated, model reloaded

    What to do if this message appears in the console ?

    This message is made only to inform you that the tmp directory size is above the default 20 Mb limit.

    It is not an issue that can hurt performance or the server in anyway or shape.

    It can be simply ignored but if you want to get rid of this message please goto to the next section.

    How to fix this Error message ?

    In order to fix this error message, you can do so by simply increasing the size limit of the Newtest Tmp directory.

    To do so please follow these steps :

    1. Goto this path:


    2. Open the NEWTEST.INI file with notepad or a text editor of your choice

    3. Add these parameters in the NEWTEST.INI files




     These parameters are for modifying the size and the numbers files limit (these values can be change, in this example we put 100 Mb for the maximum Tmp directory size and 1000 files for the maximum Tmp numbers files)

    4. Save the new modification on the NEWTEST.INI file

    5. Launch the executable “NRMSERVICEADMINUI.exe”

    C:\Program Files (x86)\ip-label\Newtest\RemoteManager\Exe

    6. Right click on “NewtservBridge“ and click Restart

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