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Subscription file corruption following an improper reboot of NMC server


    Deserialization failure for subscription files


    Review details problem:

    A network communication issue could often occur between a ROBOT and the NMC console when the NMC Server haven't be restarted properly; this could damage and corrupt the subscription file. Be aware!!! Those files are necessary for the good processing of the modules.



    On the Newtest server-side logs the following information could be displayed:

    ERR Cannot deserialize subscription from file: D:\NewtestData\ClientModules\Collector\Subscriptions\Supervision_StatusAndHeartBeat.conf.back.


    ERR Read '' SubcriptionItem expected

    ERR Cannot deserialize subscription from file: D:\NewtestData\ClientModules\Collector\Subscriptions\Supervision_StatusAndHeartBeat.conf.

    ERR Read '' SubcriptionItem expected


    In the Newtest ROBOT Side logs the following information could be displayed:

    -Cannot send heart-beat to <Server_Name>:<Port> [TRANSPORT]

    Cannot connect to <Server_Name>:<Port>



    Kindly follow up the steps below to restart properly your NMC server:

    1. Stop Newtest Modules

    2. Restart the server

    3. Check that the NRM service is properly started in the Windows services

    4. Launch the Modules.


    A) How to stop manually the module :

    Before handing on your bar menu task Launch the NRM and right click on NRM Proxy > Newtest Start Menu > Newtest Services Manager (NEP v3.1.x) or on NRM Proxy > Monitoring Console > Advanced > Admin:

    In the console view you will see the main eight modules displayed as shown below:

    - Core

    - RéferenceModule

    - CollectorStatisics

    - Collector

    - Archiver

    - Analysis

    - Supervision

    - NewtestBridge

    update failed_image.png

    NOTICE: Alarm Routing Service and Synchronizer for NewtestReporting DB are both optional modules. As best Practice, it's mandatory to restart the Core module instance in the last position. To stop a module, click on "Stop" Button; and to Launch a module click on "Start" Button. 


    B) How to stop the module by command line:

    It's mandatory to run the following command line below to Stop and restart the module

    NEWTESTREMOTECMD.EXE instance -stop -id <ID SERVICE>

    NEWTESTREMOTECMD.EXE instance -start -id <ID SERVICE>


    NOTE: <ID SERVICE> represent the MODULE Name as displayed above in the screenshot. This parameter is case-sensitive.


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