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unable to download zip file/hardcopy from the NMC server

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    the file seems to be available in the NMC, but when you select the corresponding link  nothing occur.



    Notice: the corresponding server has been updated with WSUS ON NMC version 3.0.1 R2

    within the logs the following information are displayed:

     Archiver\: Disk free space is running low -> it's mean that the issue deal with a "free space disk"


    Notice :

    In one hand, when the free space disk remaining is beetwen 5% and 10% the Archiver Module send a warning to the NMC  server; and in this case diagnostics information are not visible anymore in the NMC interface except some zip file to download.

    In another hand, If the free space disk remaining is less than 5% the NMC interface do not display diagnostics information in this case.


    Notice :  To modify the Archiver FreeSpaceWarningThresholdpercentage and the FreeSpaceErrorThresholdpercentage, kindly follow up the step below :

    -          Launch the Newtest Service Manager

    -          Select the Instance you need, here it’s the Archiver

    -          Right clic and select Edit or Simply double clic on it



    -          You can also select the Instance and clic on the config button above in the bar menu and the following windows is dislayed as show below :


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