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Report Server

    Report server Web Service is not configured: 

    Report Server Web Service is not configured. Default values have been provided to you.  To accept these defaults simply press the Apply button, else change them and then press Apply.

    But when you click Apply you get the response:

    Reserving url http://+:80
    The Url has already been reserved



    1. Use the "netsh http show urlacl" command to verify that /ReportServer and  /Reports are already reserved :

    >netsh http show urlacl | find "Report"
        Reserved URL            : http://+:80/ReportServer/
        Reserved URL            : http://+:80/Reports/

    The SRSS had been installed on this server once before but not properly uninstalled.

     2. Delete the reserved URLs

    >netsh http delete urlacl http://+:80/ReportServer/
    URL reservation successfully deleted

    >netsh http delete urlacl http://+:80/Reports/
    URL reservation successfully deleted

    3. Then if you re-run >netsh http show urlacl | find "Report" , you'll see nothing

    4. Now to re-create the bindings :

    • Open "Reporting Services Configuration Manager" -Click Connect
    • Click "Web Service URL" - then click "Apply" at the bottom and it should succeed this time.
    • Click "Report Manager URL" - then click "Apply".  If Apply is grayed out, simply rename Reports to Report, then back to Reports.  Apply will become available and you can click it.
    • Then visit each URL to test.




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