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    You need to have the "Server Subscriptions allowed" license to use the subscriptions

    Favorites update

    Context: 211R1

    The categories "super administrator" (sysadmin) and "administrator" have the rights to edit and modify favorites but not the other categories (operator/user). The workaround is to delete and create a new favorite.

    Context: 221R4

    The operator categorie can modify favorites but not standard users.

    Subscriptions File through network

    To perform a network export subscriptions it is necessary to give the read / write rights to the shared directory wished with a domain user account. This domain user account must belong to the administrator group of the server. In addition, you have to set up the SQL Server Reporting Services with this domain account, here are the steps :

    Save the symmetric key (SSRS)

    Start reporting services configuration manager, go to encryption keys section and backup the current key

    Go to Service account and specify the domain account, save the encryption key , then select "current user - integrity security" in the SQL Server Connection Dialog window that appears

    Restart the SQL Server Reporting Services ( NEWTEST ) service

    Create your subscription file through network

    Login and password fields

    Login and password fields are useless

    The network export of the file will be performed by the user who run the service "Sql Server Reporting Services (NEWTEST)".

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