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SQL Services Internal

    Use another account for report server

    By default, "SQL Server Reporting Services" works with the account "LocalSystem". This account can be replaced by a domain account.
    Start the Reporting Services Configuration tool and connect to the report server instance.

    Go to Encryption Keys, and make a backup of your actual key.
    On the Service account page, enter the domain account and password.

    PrtScr capture_3.jpg

    Save the encryption key, and select "current user - integrity security" in the SQL server Connection Dialog window.

    Click on apply.

    Restart the SQL Server Reporting Services (NEWTEST) service

    Open a command window (cmd) as an administrator and execute this command : C:\Newtest\Tools>WebConfigurationTool.exe /nrs

    The configuration manager add the domain user account to the Windows group SQLServerReportServerUser $ SERVER_NAME $ MSRS10_50.NEWTEST.

    You need to add this account in SQL Managment Studio in the security section

    PrtScr capture_4.jpg




    PrtScr capture_5.jpg

    Permission to connect to database engine: Grant
    Login: Enabled

    PrtScr capture_6.jpg

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