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Upgrade error NRS 4.1.0R0 - Cube is not correctly set up

    During the upgrade of NRS from 4.0 to 4.1, I got an error related to the cube:


    Here are some possible causes.

    Case 1: The cube is not correctly setup

    Check the cube presence

    The first step is to launch SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) as Administrator and connect to the Analysis Server to check if the cube is present or not.

    Its default name is Newtest Reporting and it should be under the Databases folder.



    If it's not here, you have to go to the NRS installation folder (C:/Newtest/NRS/OLAP by default) and select 1 of the 2 following files:

    - NewtestReporting.xmls if your Analysis Services is a Standard Edition

    - NewtestReporting_part.xmls if your Analysis Services is an Enterprise Edition

    Drag and drop the selected file into the SSMS and execute it.

    It will create the cube, you can see it in the Databases folder in the SSMS.


    Case 2: There is an issue with the connection to the cube

    Check the connection

    Still in the SSMS, you will have to access to Databases > Newtest Reporting > Data Sources > NewtestDW and right click > Properties.

    Edit the Connection String:

    A window appears with a 'Test Connection' button.


    If the test fails, be sure the provider selected is correct according to your configuration.

    And that the 'Server Name', 'User name' and 'Password' are corrects.


    Case 3: Right issue

    Check if your account is Administrator

    You may encounter this cube related error if your account has not the necessary right level.


    in SSMS, go to Databases > Newtest Reporting > Roles > Administrators and right click on Properties.

    In the Membership view, check if the windows account (newtest_rep by default) is present.

    If not, add it.


    Case 4: The cube has not been processed

    The cube needs to be processed to make the whole process working.


    in SSMS, right click on the cube Databases > Newtest Reporting and click on Process.

    Launch it.


    The final step consists in launching a browser and navigating to https://localhost/NRS/ to display a report like Dashboard Overview to check if the cube is working.


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