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Best Practice of OS configuration


    The following best practices of OS configuration allows you to have a better scripting environment and to stabilize your probe environment.

    We highly recomand you to duplacte your scripting environement to production environments for probes in order to have indentical conditions for NTBR and Probes.

    Windows Workstation

    Known issue : Attention! The following Windows KBs for Windows 10 could cause scenario execution failure :

    KB4489873 / KB4489886/ KB4507434 could cause RIA plugin BHO_IPL disabled or forbidden from communicating with web page.

    1. Display Settings

    1.1 Screen resolution

    We hightly recommand you to configure your workstation with a fixed resolution and color settings. Our recommanded resolution configuration is : 1280 * 1024.

    If you are using a virtual solution for your robots, it is possible that resolution settings are greyed or the largest possible resolution is very low. (as shown in screenshots below.)

    You will then need to contact your Administrators' team to ask for setting modification from the VM configuration.

    1.2 Disable Night Light mode

    From Windows 10, Microsoft decided to add a Night Light mode to reduce blue light in display. This feature may change screen display colors and make your scenario unstable.

    1.3 Performance Options

    Windows Performance Options could make animation for window changing, smooth edges of fonts, etc. These features may also cause scenario execution failure. You can find these parameters by opening the Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings and then click on Settings in the Performance area.

    1.4 Disable ClearType

    ClearType is a Windows feature which could modify the way how fonts are displayed on your screen. This may make Bitmap/OCR research unstable. You can find this parameter in the Advanced Display settings.

    Uncheck the "Turn on ClearType" option and click on next without changing any other option.


    2. Power Options

    If possible, change "Turn off the display" option to "Never". Otherwise the robot may meet a black screen and may try to reboot the machine in order to get display back.

    3. Firewall settings and Anti-virus

    We recommand your to disable Firewall and Anti-virus on your Newtest production environement or at least exclud all flux, binaire path and data path of your Newtest probe from being scaned.

    You may need to contact your Administrators' team in order to perfome the exclusion.




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