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    Calendar & daily planning

    To schedule executions of NEWTEST scenarios, you must create scheduling calendars.
    The calendar is then associated with a daily planning made up of either time ranges or fixed times that set forth the conditions of execution for each day where a scenario is scheduled to run.
    Daily plannings are “objects” which are independent of the calendars.
    Depending on the type of scenario created, the calendar’s characteristics vary with respect to the plannings assigned to it.

    “Time range” daily plannings are made up of time slots during which scenarios are to run.
    These plannings are based on a period of repetition, and are generally designed to measure response times and availability.
    Time range daily plannings are usually associated with user scenarios and alarm scenarios, as this type of planning makes it possible to select the time slots in which such scenarios can be triggered
    (for example, at times when technical staff can respond to them).

    You have to create time slots in your daily planning (00:10 to 23:00 / 23:30 to 23:50).

    You can't schedule a scenario during the maintenance time slot from 23:50 to 00:10.

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