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Client environment

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    EC NewtRia

    Client Environment (EC Newtest ) WTC 751 version is compatible with IE9 .
    The new EC NewtRia ensures the stability of your scripts with future versions of browsers. Thus, we favor it.
    The only function who can't be used anymore is WaitWndStr function, who is obsolete with IE9 .
    Fact is, the newer versions of browsers use rendering libraries (DirectX ) who are not compatible with the functions diverted by WaitWndStr function.
    We recommend that you replace this method by a search method (OCR WaitAppStrOcr ) and also a method for image retrieval ( WaitSearchBitmap ).
    We advise you that this change in method will necessarily involve a timers change.
    These changes must be taken into account in the calculation of your SLA.

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