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    The webrunner is an integrated module to Robot and NTBR to run a browser with a NewtestRIA scenario.
    This tool is called natively by the NTBR when you record a scenario, this not an API.

    You may find the help of this module as shown below:


    C:\Program Files (x86)\ip-label\Newtest\Robot\EXE>WEBRUNNER.EXE -h
        LOADED MODULE: NToolboxCS-
        LOADED MODULE: ntoolbox-8.0.0R0C3-2018-02-02H16-16-58
        LOADED MODULE: MSVCP60-7.0.3790.3959(srv03_sp2_rtm.070216-1710)
    Webrunner v8.0.0 R0 C3-2018-02-02H16-16-58 started '-h'
    ---------------- WebRunner v2.0.1.8
    -h:                   displays this page
    -url:                 <url> Loads the specified URL
    -navigator:           <ie|firefox|chrome> Browser to use
    -ntiname:             <name> Name used to establish connection to web runner
    -ntiConnectTimeout:   <delay> (in seconds, default 10)
    -i:                   <path> .hwl path
    -o:                   <path> Path to write the browsing results
    -maximized:           Opens the browser in theatre mode
    -list:                Lists the available measures
    -timeout <delay>:        Time out for webrunner startup (expressed in ms)
    -hb_period <delay>:   Period of the plugin heartbeats (in ms, default 1000)
    -http_port <port>:    Local port to use for http the plugin com. (default 8100)
    -https_port <port>:   Local port to use for https the plugin com. (default 8101)
    -ntblogs:             Use the newtest logging system
    -dom_action:          Shows the dom action wizard
    -reinstall_cert_plugins:  Uninstall and reinstall certificate and plugins
    -user  <domain>\<user>:  User domain to use (if needed)
    -install_plugins:     installs the browsers plugins
    -uninstall_plugins:   uninstalls the browsers plugins
    -install_plugins:     installs the browsers plugins
    -use_bho_c:                      Use C++ version of BHO plugin
    -install_cert:        Install ssl certificate.
                          Use "-https_port" to change port (default 8101)
    -uninstall_cert:      Remove the certificate
    -reinstall_ff_plugin: Uninstall and reinstall firefox plugin
    -activate_ie_plugin:  Active ie plugin (must run as admin)
    -desactivate_ie_plugin:  Desactive ie plugin (must run as admin)
    -force_ie_activation: Force ie plugin activation during startup (call webrunner with -activate_ie_plugin)
    -attach_httpwatch_to_ie: Change the way to start ie. IE will start first then httpwatch will be attached
    -web_no_close_on_end:   Keep browser open on webrunner exit
    -remove_chrome_profile: Remove Chrome profile "newtest" folder before starting
    -chrome_startup_args:   Additional chrome browser startup agruments
    -pause_bho_plugin:      Deactivate BHO plugin actions. Stops http(s) requests to webrunner.exe
    -attach_com_node_to_head_section: Insert communication node inside Header section instead of body section
    -no_httpwatch: Donot use HTTPWHATCH
    -jstrace: Force java script injector log (launch firefox browser console)
    -reinstallall: Force reinstallation of pluging and certificate
    -allow_server: Allow lister for current user (must be use with -user)


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