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TraceRoute and TraceRouteDiag


    These two functions performs a traceroute on a given server. The only difference between these two functions is : TraceRoute is only available in Protocol requests Client Environments while TraceRouteDiag is available for all Client Environment types.
    Attention! The Windows account which your robot use for its operation should be Local Administrator (or in the Local Administrator's groupe) in order to get correct TraceRoute result. Otherwise, normal TraceRoute mode could not work. You will need to use Tracert mode instead (see Special tips).


    Note: The integrated helpdoc of NTBR v7.6.0R113 and v7.6.0R114 has two errors in TraceRouteDiag()'s description.

    1. TraceRouteDiag() is a Windows(General) type function not "IP Analyzer only".
    2. USE_TRACERT is not an argument of the function. TraceRouteDiag() has exactly the same arguments as TraceRoute().


    TraceRoute(Host as STRING, LocalDomain as STRING, IspDomain as STRING, PingNb as INT, PacketSize as INT, Extented as BOOL, Timeout as INT, LastHost as STRING)

    Return value

    This function returns the full name of the HTML traceroute file in a STRING. 

    Special tips

    If, for some reason, the robot's Windows account could not be Local Administrator, you may use Tracert (Standard Windows tool) as a workaround. To activate this mode, you will need to add the following code in you script before calling TraceRoute() or TraceRouteDiag().

    reference to undefined name 'syntax' Une exception de type 'MindTouch.Deki.Script.Runtime.DekiScriptUndefinedNameException' a été levée. (click for details)


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