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    The ActivateWnd primitive is used to activate and resize a window. Most of the time you will use this function like this: activatewnd(1,-1,-1) It will activate and move to foreground the current child window which isn't resized. Newtest Basic scripts are sequentials, it means you have to call in first the waitwnd function, to detect a window and then you call activate windows to give the focus. You can have a look to the online help of the NTBR about these two functions. There is no way to get a list of all windows names. You always have to use both functions: waitwnd and then activatewnd to give the focus as you want. The unexpected window pops-up will be move to the background if they aren't a child of the current window otherwise you will have to take it into account in your script (waitwnd(unexpected) activate and then close).


    Activation type:

    2 = Activate the current frame window

    -2 = To get the handle on the desktop


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