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    Is there any posibility of using functions or subprogram calls ?

    Not at the moment. In the 75X version you can call the scenarioexec function which call a scenario. In a future version you will be able to create function but not currently in 751.

    Use SetArgInt/SetArgString and SetArgBool in a called scenario (son scenario) to assign a temporary parameter according to the type of the primtive. These functions record information in the Newtest cache and will be avalaible only during the run of a scenario. You can see them by calling traceargs() in your script. You can use the "SetGlobalBool" int and string primitives to assign a global parameters depending on the type of the primitive. These variables are stored and maintained in the local.ini file in Newtest folder. Use GetArgXXX GetGlobalXXX functions to retrieve variables in the called scenarios.





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