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Scripting language

    Newtest Basic

    The Newtest basic langage evolves and newtest developpers keep to add functionnalities and improvements. The version 8.X roadmaped will integrate a new logic of programmation which give more flexibility to developers. It will be based on an algorithmic development.

    Visual Basic

    ip-label will not pursue developments about the VBS langage since the 750 newtest version. This information had been communicated through one of our Newtest Mag and is also described in the "Newtest Robot : Manuel développeur Newtest : Tome 1" in the chapter "2.5.2 Visual Basic Script":
    Visual Basic Script (VBS) is editable and scenarios operate with VBS. However, starting with version 7.5.0 of the robot, functional developments will no longer be available for VBS. Newtest will not pursue developments in this language.
    We do not offer the possiblity to create Visual basic scenario since the 750, so this is normal that you not see this langage when you create one scenario and even in the online help. The VBS interpreter is delivered to ensure backward compatibility with existing scenarios which will work, only previously scripts developped in VBS will work.

    Below you will find two workaround to create à VBS scénario but you won't have wizard neither online help about VBS functions. However, we strongly recommend you to migrate your scenarios in the newtest basic langage which is supported.

    1. To create a VBS script, duplicate an existing VBS script to create a VBS template.


    PrtScr capture_8.jpg


    PrtScr capture_9.jpg


    1. To create a VBS script, create a Newtest Basic scenario and close the NTBR.

    Edit the SCENARIO_NAME.scc file from NTBR\PROBES\PROJECT_NAME\SCENARIO and affect the ScriptLanguage entry to 1 instead of 0.

    The VBScript language does not require compilation before being executed so you can delete the SCENARIO_NAME.scx file


    PrtScr capture_6.jpg


    Then rename the SCENARIO_NAME.sce file to SCENARIO_NAME.vbs

    PrtScr capture_5.jpg

    Launch your NTBR and refresh your project

    PrtScr capture_7.jpg

    The scenario language is now Visual Basic

    PrtScr capture_9.jpg


    You can also use the ProgramExec function to call an external application, VBS script and so on.

    Sample VBS Script

    reference to undefined name 'syntax' Une exception de type 'MindTouch.Deki.Script.Runtime.DekiScriptUndefinedNameException' a été levée. (click for details)


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