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Alarm scenarios


    Alarm scenario does not start or start late 

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    Alarm scenarios do not seem to run. The main scenario fails, and sometime the alarm scenario seems to run, mostly very late after the error appeared, and sometimes not at all.

    A sequence looks like this:
     11:56:58.721    LOG:SCHEDULE::0:2512.a00::Start scenario "Wingf" in queue "01"   <<< main scenario starts
    at 12:01 the main scenario WinGF runs into an error:

     12:02:23.460    LOG:SCHEDULE::0:2512.804::Start scenario "Wingf_ad_kaputt" in queue "00"    <<< alarm scenario starts
     12:03:30.208    LOG:SCHEDULE:SCERUN:963:2512.804::-Scenario Wingf_ad_kaputt end OK     <<< alarm scenario stops
     12:04:12.004    LOG:SCHEDULE:SCERUN:963:2512.a00::-Scenario Wingf end OK   <<< main scenario stops

    So it seems that the alarms scenario indeeed started about 1 minute after the alarm occured
    Is this a normal behaviour?


    The alarm scenarios don't have to be used to restore application. In your case (differents restauration steps) I suggests you 2 solutions:

    1. In your main script use the global variable (setglobalXXX) to delimitate each step (control flag). Create a restauration scenario for all the steps and added to each step a check of the control flag.
    2. Create a restauration scenario for each steps.

    Then, call the function ScenarioExec with the appropriate restauration scenario in error case in your main script in order to perform the good restauration.

    To answer you, yes the alarms scenarios can started 1 minute after the alarm occured. This is the behaviour intended because the schedule.exe service has a granularity of 1 minute.

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