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    IMAP4 request error

    Review details problem

    You get the following error after recording your imap scenario through the wizard IP analyser:


    02/27/14 09:51:37GetPassword: |56F32078B4C944C834B065621704878D2B7F24EB2647B4712C228021B48BF1DB78BBCFC3269BCC50BB50B8954DF8AE65D758F6421DFCEC80 unknown password entry [line=73] [NtEngine.7464]
    02/27/14 09:51:37 [line=75] [NtEngine.7464]
    02/27/14 09:51:38IMAP4 Request -  Server login failed. Username or password invalid. [line=89] [NtEngine.7464]
    02/27/14 09:51:38IMAP4 request error: Accès refusé [NtEngine.7464]


    The caracter # is missing in the password string in the function GetPassword
    The workaround is to add this caracter:
    GetPassword("#|6849748E9D7279D145F0143298F02F122C68AE87A6A2C450FAA458B5C840F24EFCB2FDEE2C34626C91862DEB446FB188", Password)
    This error will be fixed in CU15.


    Problem title 2

    Review details problem


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