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    The. SCX is the result of compiling the file. SCE ( scenario. It is recreated each time scenario is compiled from the NTBR interface (F7).
    Check that you are a local administrator of the probe and that your account has rights "total control" over the directory " Instal_Dir \ Newtest Transaction Builder " and that these rights are passed on all folders / files.

    Go to the Security tab in folder properties of "Newtest Transaction builder" directory and add the account used by your probe or the account used during scernario development.
    Give it the “full control with legacy” rights over his sons objects.
    Thus, when compiling a script with NTBR, we have the rights to generate (write) the file .Scx in the " NTBR \ probes \ project_name \ scenario \ scenario_name.scx " .

    This setting has to be done on all of your probes and all of your NTBR.


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