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    Newtest CI is designed to fulfill the need for a continuous validation strategy in a production environment, and in particular to make Newtest a more open solution with the possibility for external schedulers to change the configuration and deploy user scenarios.

    Deployment and automated editing of scenario configurations is one link in the continuous integration chain. This link is ensured by the executable XTB-EXPORT.EXE. Settings and use are detailed below.

    1.The XTB-EXPORT.EXE binary

    The Supervision tab page provides an overview of all of the module’s instances.


    Below is the online help for the binary obtained with the command XTB-EXPORT.EXE /?

    Extracting files ...

    Executing ...

    Export XTB project utility:

    -xtb <XTB FILE PATH>:<ROBOT NAME>*(,<ROBOT NAME>) // XTB file to export to robot(s)

    -var <VARIABLE NAME>=<VALUE>   // Var name and value for substitutions in configurations files and scenarios. Substitution sequence format $(<VARIABLE NAME>)

                  // Builtin variables:

                  // XTB_EXPORT_ROBOT_NAME = current robot name

                  // XTB_EXPORT_COMMENT = current -comment value

                  // XTB_EXPORT_TIME = current export time YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss

    -var @<VARIABLES FILE PATH>[:<NEW NAME>]          // File to insert in exported configuration

    -server <CONNECTION STRING>|<USER NAME>:<PASSWORD> // Server connection data

    -comment <EXPORT COMMENT>   // Set export comment (default = <USER>@<DOMAIN> <TIME>)

    -in <PARAM FILE PATH>  // File for command line



    • Exporting the project NEWTEST01 to the robot NEWTEST01 on the server ‘nwt_server’:

      XTB_EXPORT -xtb NEWTEST01.xtb -server https://nwt_server.ip-label.net

    • Exporting the project NWT_PROJECT to the robot NWT_ROBOT01 on the server ‘nwt_server’ and substituting the variables VARIABLE_01 and VARIABLE_02 in configuration files:

      XTB_EXPORT -xtb NEWTEST01.xtb -server https://nwt_server.ip-label.net -var VARIABLE_01=value01 -var VARIABEL02=value02

    • Exporting the project NEWTEST01 to 2 robots, NEWTEST01 and NEWTEST02, on the server ‘nwt_server’, and adding the file NEWTEST02.INI to each configuration with the name COMMON.INI:

      XTB_EXPORT -xtb NEWTEST01.xtb:NEWTEST01,NEWTEST02 -server https://nwt_server.ip-label.net \  -var @NEWTEST02.INI:COMMON.INI

    You can run the binary locally on the NMC server or remotely from a client machine.


    1.2 Use cases

    Below are examples representing a number of use cases of the binary XTB-EXPORT.EXE. In the following examples:  

    • the directory C:\Newtest\Applications\CI contains the binary XTB-EXPORT.EXE as well as the .xtb projects and the .ini configuration files
    • the NMC web server is ‘nwt_server.ip-label.net’ upon activation of SSL in IIS (whence the https access)


    • Exporting the project NWT_PROJECT.xtb to the robot NWT_ROBOT01 with the comment ‘test01’:

    XTB-EXPORT.EXE -xtb "C:\Newtest\Applications\CI\NWT_PROJECT.xtb":NWT_ROBOT01 -server https://nwt_server.ip-label.net -comment "test01"

    • Exporting the project NWT_PROJECT.xtb to 2 robots, NWT_ROBOT01 and NWT_ROBOT02, with the comment ‘test02’:

    XTB-EXPORT.EXE -xtb "C:\Newtest\Applications\CI\NWT_PROJECT.xtb":NWT_ROBOT01,NWT_ROBOT02  -server https://nwt_server.ip-label.net -comment "test02"

    • Exporting the projet ‘NWT_PROJECT.xtb’ to the robot NWT_ROBOT01 and adding the configuration file ‘NWT_PROJECT.ini’ inside with the comment ‘test03’:

    XTB-EXPORT.EXE -xtb "C:\Newtest\Applications\CI\NWT_PROJECT.xtb":NWT_ROBOT01 -var @"C:\Newtest\Applications\CI\NWT_PROJECT.ini" -server https://nwt_server.ip-label.net -comment "test03"

    • Exporting the project ‘NWT_PROJECT.xtb’ to the robot NWT_ROBOT01 and adding the configuration file ‘ NWT_PROJECT.ini’ inside and assigning a value to the variable ROBOT_NAME with the comment ‘test04’:

    XTB-EXPORT.EXE -xtb "C:\Newtest\Applications\CI\NWT_PROJECT.xtb":NWT_ROBOT01 -var @"C:\Newtest\Applications\CI\NWT_PROJECT.ini" -var ROBOT_NAME=NWT_ROBOT01 -server https://nwt_server.ip-label.net -comment "test04"


    Specification of the contents of the corresponding NWT_PROJECT.ini file:
















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