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Migrate a probe to another infrastructure

    It is possible to migrate a probe from one machine to another and the procedure is quite simple. 
    Attention! If you have any doubt about this procedure, please contact Newtest Support before performing any action.
    Please note that you need to adapt your scenarios to the new infrastructure first before the migration if the new one does not have the same configuration such as OS, screen resolution, display settings, etc.

    Step 1 - Stop the probe

    You will need to firstly stop the probe properly. We suggest you to use the NRM Proxy -> Stop robot to stop the probe directly on its machine.
    You may also stop it from the NMC interface by sending "Stop" command to the probe. But in this mode, even though the probe is stopped, it still continue to try to send heartbeat to the NMC server. The "Cannot send heart beat to Server [HEART_BEAT_REFUSED]" error message may cause unnecessary confusion. This is why we recommand you to stop it directly.

    Step 2 - Reset the probe 

    After having stopped the probe, you will need to reset it on NMC interface -> System -> Components -> {Robot_Name} -> Reset.

    Step 3 - Install Newtest Robot program

    Install the Newtest Robot program on the new machine and configure it as a first installation (c.f. Installation Manual). Remeber to choose the right robot name from the list of robots.

    Step 4 - Uninstall old Newtest Robot program

    Please remember to uninstall old Newtest Robot in order to avoid it continuing to send message to the NMC server which may cause server performance problem.

    To properly uninstall a Newtest Robot, we invite you to use the tool "CLEANER".

    Please note that this tool will entirely purge all trace of Newtest on the machine. If you have NTBR project not exported yet to the NMC server, backup to distant disk your Data directory before performing the delete.

    Now your probe is correctly migrated.
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