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Change robot license type


    ​Please note that changing Newtest Robot's license type may cause unexpected errors. We do not recommand you to performe this kind of action.

    You may change your robot's license type through the NMC server. However, there are several points to which you need to pay attention.


    1. Downgrade robot license

    By "Downgrade", we mean change to a lower capacity. For example, to change to a robot type with less queue or less max scenarios per queue.

    1.1 Multi-probe to Probe

    As you know, a Multi-probe is a probe with more than one queue.

    If you transform a Multi-probe to a Probe, only the first queue will be executed. Which means that if you want to have all your scenarios to be played on the probe, you will need to add them manually to the first queue.

    1.2 High max scenarios probe to low max scenarios probe

    If you change a robot of max N scenarios per queue to a robot of max M scenarios per queue (0 < M < N), the new configuration will only execute the first M scenarios in the execution group. Here's an example:

    I would like to change an INPA (Max 50 scenarios per queue) to an NPA1 (Max 12 scenaiors per queue). In my current configuration, I already have 25 scenarios in the execution group. After having changed the robot's license type, my robot will execute only the first 12 scenarios in the group.

    1.3 To less option probe

    As some CE and options are only available for certain license types, you may get execution failure when you change robot license type.

    For example, when you change a "Video Quality" available probe to a normal probe, your "Video Quality" scenarios will have execution failures.


    2. Restart robot

    After having changed your robot's license type through NMC interface, will need to restart your robot twice in order to let the robot take the new license file.

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