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NRM (Newtest Remote Manager)

    Newtest Remote Manager (NRM) Service


    The Newtest Remote Manager (appeared in 751) is used to perform operations that can't be done by the robot login account, when administrator rights are needed, like :

    • Start Modes:
      • Autologon for the console session (Windows 7...)
      • Shadow Session Management (Windows 2008, 2012..)
    • Launch Robot and NTBR
    • Update registry
    • DLLs Register
    • Synchronise date/time
    • Install patches
    • Logs management


    Note: since CU12, it is possible to stop the autologon management (e.g. when overlapping with GPOs...) with the following registry key:





    PrtScr capture_13.jpg

    The default installation folder is "C:\Program Files (x86)\NEWTESTRemoteManager" and logs are stored in "C:\ProgramData\IP-LABEL\NEWTESTREMOTEMANAGER\RESULT"

    PrtScr capture_14.jpg



    PrtScr capture_16.jpg


    The default port of this listenner is the port 9861.

    PrtScr capture_17.jpg

    It can be tuned in the NEWTESTREMOTEMANAGER.INI file in "C:\ProgramData\IP-LABEL\NEWTESTREMOTEMANAGER" and in the registry.

    PrtScr capture_18.jpg



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