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    Network Access Control (NAC)

    The Newtest probes should work normally in an NAC if the switches port don't blocked Newtest frames(which are not secured by the protocol SSL/TLS/https) both from probes to server and from server to probes.

    There are two ways of communication between Newtest probes (1 probe by host/workstation) and the Newtest server:

    1. standard method: communication with the http protocol without authentification and without encryption.
    2. New method: communication with an owner protocol without authentification but with encryption in RSA 128 bits.Newtest software sould work normally with the standard method in an NAC.

    Standard : bidirectional flow between probes and NMC on 80 and 81 ports

    Supported data types (asynchronous multithreaded)
    port 81:
    Robots and Scenarios status, TDR1 / TDR2, NUMERIC, Messages (Text Type), Messages (Diagnosis, Logs), Alarms, Server commands (synchronous)
    IIS Port 80 (default) (WARNING: IISPORT = 81 with IIS7)

    Type of supported data (asynchronous), Export / import configuration Binary update robot, type of data transferred: StatusRange

    1. The probes send their heartbeats at NMC server via port 81.
    2. They send their data via port 80/81.

    RSA 128-bit Secure Communication with customizable port (751 probes)

    Unidirectional opening (Robot to Server)
    Supported data types: all data (http protocol) asynchronous robot control

    1. The probes send their heartbeats at NMC server via custom port.
    2. They send their data via custom port.



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