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Runnewtetstwait Internal

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    Runnewtetstwait –h
    -exec <command line> : execute a command line before
    -no-download : do not check downlod
    -no-update-right : no update right
                    -no-update-conf : no update configuration
    -no-update-patch : no update software
    -no-schedule : do not launch schedule
    -no-register : do not register dll from register.txt file
    -no-purge : do not purge temp directory files
    -start-timeout : force start timeout in seconds (default = 900s)
    on timeout the schedule is restarted
    -stop-timeout : force stop timeout in seconds (default = 900s)
    on timeout machine is rebooted
    -old   : force old behavior (call by run_newtest.bat)
    -compile     : force compilation
    -start : start instance if not started
    -trace : increase log level
    -force : kill previous instance and restart
    -kill  : kill previous instance and quit
    -stop  : previous previous instance and quit
    -robot <ROBOT NAME>: set default robot name
    -server <SERVER ADDRESS>: set default server address
    -port <SERVER PORT>: set default server port
    -wait  : Wait for schedule to stop (regulary) else reboot
    -nowait: reset wait for schedule to stop mode
    -nrmregister: regsiter robot as nrm proxy service
    -nrmunregister: unregister robot from nrm services

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