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Shadow sessions

    Installing and configuring the Newtest Shadow session option.

    A Shadow Terminal Session permits the running of one or more separate robot instances on one machine. This functionality applies to OS’s having a valid Remote Desktop Service license. Shadow session will only support environments where two or more active concurrent connections is possible. As per Microsoft, a Windows Sever 2008 R2 has an authorize 120 days grace period for two active concurrent connections, after which a license will be necessary to continue using the feature named "Remote Desktop Licensing". More information can be found at the following link http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/l.../cc725933.aspx
    For configuration, this Windows feature requires the activation of the “Remote Desktop Services” under Server Roles in the Server Manager. Add the additional “Remote Desktop Session Host” in the role services section, add optionally “Remote Desktop Licensing” role service if the license will be managed by this same named host server. Choose your preferred level of security in the page that follows during the wizard, the optional licensing mode and reboot the machine.
    For information, the current Newtest robot setup (Newtest Robot 7.6.0 R1 with CU2) does not fully support the configuring of a robot for multisession during the installation. The Windows Server 2008 R2 machine destine for shadow session will have be configured after the installation via the application “Session Manager” found under Newtest programs. The installation of Newtest robot will have to be done in “standard mode” to be shadow session capable ready, however in choosing this mode, the user is force to provide an active user account for which a robot will be configured under, obviously creating a classic single session robot. So for the moment, we advise installing Newtest robot in silent mode (see installation manual for details) to bypass this limitation (or unofficially the Newtest Robot Launcher). The goal is to ultimately install a robot without any parameters.
    Please note, that the user accounts for which will be used on each robot, needs to be created and logged on at least once before starting the “Session Manager” application. It is necessary to connect to each local session account created and personalized the environment before continuing. Ensure equally, that the robots also exist on the Newtest Management Console. Once that has been done, fire up the “Session Manager” app.

    How to know/tune the maximum RDP connections

    RDP sessions.jpg


    How to use taskkill on a multi-sessions probes

    You have to use the filter username otherwise the current user will be administrator and will kill every process.

    taskkill /IM notepad.exe /FI "USERNAME eq user_newtest"

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