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    Standard network streams port 80&81

    Network streams on port 80 & 81 must be open between your probes and the NMC server

    • You can check it by running in a command windows:
    • telnet @ ip_NMC_Server 80
    • telnet @ ip_NMC_Server 81

    Firewall exclusion

    Exchanges network probes / NMC

    • HTTP port 80/81 by default (old method of communication).
    • TCP / IP Port Customisable RSA 128 bits (for secured stream 751).
    • Allow the schedule in the firewall
    • TCP port 9861 and UDP 9860 (default) for "newtestremotemanager.exe" service.
    • The process "SNMPDM.exe" listening on local port 7161
    • Port 161/162 for SNMP trap.

    Secured protocol

    Communications between Robots and NMC can now be configured in secure mode using a proprietary TCP / IP protocol encoded in RSA 128.

    Exchange way:

    • Daily generation of a private key and a public key on the client workstation.
    • In the first exchange, the client contacts the server and gives his public key.
    • The server responds with an encryption key encrypted with the public key.
    • The customer receives and decodes the encryption key. After that, exchanges can start in safe mode.


    • The negotiated key between the client and the server is unique per client / server.
    • Therefore, in reconnection case the encryption key will change.


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