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On command Reboot


    "On command Reboot" defines how the robot will react when it receives a "Reboot" command from NMC interface.

    You may change the reboot mode with a tool delivered with NTBR : Robot Properties

    Note : You need to use exactly the same version of NTBR as the robot to configure its "on command reboot" mode. Otherwise it may reboot the robot with a different mode as you expected since reboot mode code has been changed between different CU versions)


    Step 1. Open Robot Properties via NTBR

    Robot Properties.png


    Step 2. Edit robot settings

    - Select a probe in the list.

    Robot Properties02.png


    - Go to Local Observer -> On command Reboot


    You have serveral choices :

    • Hard (Hard reboot): In this mode the machine will reboot itself when you send a "Reboot" command. When you choose this mode for one of the robots in session mode on the same server, other sessions will also be affected even though they have a different On command Reboot mode.
    • Session : In this mode, it logs off the windows session which is used by the robot. NRM service will restart both the session and the Robot.
    • Soft (Soft reboot): In this mode, only the robot will be restarted as a manual Stop / Start Robot.
    • None : In this mode, robot will do nothing.


    Click OK to push the new configuration and your robot will take the mode you choose.


    Newtest.ini key value

    You may find under section [SECURE] in your robot's Newtest.ini file the CmdReboot key (Code for Robot 7.6.0CU10 and later):

    • Cmdreboo = 0 for Hard reboot
    • Cmdreboo = 1 for Soft reboot
    • Cmdreboo = 2 for Session reboot
    • Cmdreboo = 3 for None
    We suggest you to modify robot configurations through Robot Properties tool if you are not familiar with how Newtest.ini file works. Please note that all direct modification in robot's Newtest.ini file will be erased by centralised Newtest.ini file from NMC server.


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