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Black hardcopy

    Here are several possible reasons why you have black hardcopies and how you could prevent it from happening.
    From Robot v7.6.0R115 and on, we added a new feature that robot will have regular check on its working session and will reopen the session if it detects black screen.

    1. Remote connection via RDP

    If your robots are virtual machines, you might be using the RDP tool of Microsoft for remote connections. This choice of tool may cause black hardcopy problem for several reasons.

    We highly recommend you to use VNC remote tool for your remote connections.


    1.1. Another user connected to the same machine.

    Normally, the number of users which could connect to a workstation (OS type Microsoft Windows) is restricted to 1 single user. It means that you could only have one session open a time.

    A Newtest Robot needs an activated session to work and if another user tries to connect to the machine, Newtest Robot's session will be locked. With a version of Robot later than v7.6.0R115, your connection will be rejected once the next Robot session checking circle arrives. Only connecting with the Robot's session would work for a Robot later than v7.6.0R115.

    Or in the case that you have a server type OS and number of active session is limited to N. If an N+1th user try to connect to the machine, it will force one of the previous session closed.
    We recommend you to keep your machine only for Newtest use and control with your team the remote connection to that machine.


    1.2. Stopped remote connection by "Disconnect" not "Log off"

    With "Disconnect", the machine will consider as if your session maintains for a next remote connection. In this case, the session is taken from the robot and it will never be free for Robot's use.

    By "Log off" the session, your session is considered as closed so that the Robot will detect that its session is completely closed and it needs to relogin.

    2. Screen saver

    If you have screen saver or battery saving plans for your machine, it is possible that the session turns to black when no actions are done during a long time.

    For example, if you have a scenario whose global timeout is set to 15 minutes and it is blocked or frozen at the beginning of its execution. Your machine may consider as if no user does anything during the 15 minutes before next execution. This may cause the machine to turn off display.

    Here you may find how to resolve the problem in this case :

    1. Disable the screen saver
    2. Check the idle time before suspending session
    • run gpedit.msc
    • Unfold Local Computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Windows Settings / Security Settings / Local Policies / Security Options / Microsoft network server: idle time before suspending session
    • Configure this parameter with an high value like 999999999



    1. Check your GPO


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