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    Client env. not allowed

    Review details problem

    Probe fails at the step where OCR should be performed


     14:56:47.766    ERR:NEWTGEN::0:3956.d48:NEWTGEN.WaitAppStrOcr.RUN=Elbaneu        :WaitAppStrOcr() - Client env. not allowed
    the errorline


    This error message comes from the licence.
    Contact ip-lable support in order to update your license with the OCR right for probes.

    OCR Engine failure / REC_SCANSOFT_ERROR

    Review details problem

    When running scripts that require OCR recognition, it does not detect criteria.
    Once the robot is shut down, we see the following message in the startup window:

    IG_REC_initialize=REC_SCANSOFT_ERROR [-9600,0] File open error.;REC_SCANSOFT_ERROR [-9600,0] ENGine initialization error, or there is no appropriate license.


    This error can appear when the OCR license file is corrupted.

    Install 751CU9, the probe will uncompress the archive ACCUV125.zip at each startup in order to not have this message anymore.


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