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    Waiting for Robot to Stop

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    00:02:24.265 INFO:RUN_NEWTEST_WAIT:RUNNEWTESTWAIT:386:3720.e8c::Run NEWTEST schedule launcher started 00:02:24.734 INFO:RUN_NEWTEST_WAIT:RUNNEWTESTWAIT:498:3720.e8c::Temp directory C\:\\Newtest\\TMP\\01 removed 00:02:24.734 INFO:RUN_NEWTEST_WAIT:RUNNEWTESTWAIT:559:3720.e8c::No Robot is running 00:02:26.782 INFO:RUN_NEWTEST_WAIT:RUNNEWTESTWAIT:605:3720.e8c::Waiting for Update right process to finish ... 00:02:27.126 INFO:RUN_NEWTEST_WAIT:RUNNEWTESTWAIT:607:3720.e8c::Update right process OK [0] 00:02:28.143 INFO:RUN_NEWTEST_WAIT:RUNNEWTESTWAIT:630:3720.e8c::Waiting for Update conf process to finish ... 00:02:28.566 INFO:RUN_NEWTEST_WAIT:RUNNEWTESTWAIT:632:3720.e8c::Update conf process OK [0] 00:02:28.581 INFO:RUN_NEWTEST_WAIT:RUNNEWTESTWAIT:723:3720.e8c::No patch program to install 00:17:29.276 ERR:RUN_NEWTEST_WAIT:RUNNEWTESTWAIT:792:3720.e8c::Schedule seems freezed\: process killed 00:17:29.307 INFO:RUN_NEWTEST_WAIT:RUNNEWTESTWAIT:565:3720.e8c::Waiting for Robot to Stop ...


    Check if the RUNNEWTESTWAIT.EXE process is not started twice in the Windows boot area and also in the registry at the following location: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.


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