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Backup tool

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    This tool generates backup of the NMC and / or NRS and / or NES.

    It will backup:

    • Database(s)
    • Binary
    • WEB GUI
    • Registry

    usage : NewtestBackupGenerator [-nmc <Y|N>] [-nrs <Y|N>] [-d <Y|N> [-t <timeout>]] [-rb <Y/N>] [-diag <Y|N>] [-o outputfile]
     /nmc  --> Activation/Désactivation du backup de Newtest Management Console
               "Y" by default
     /nrs  --> Activation/Désactivation du backup de Newtest Reporting Server
               "Y" by default
      /nes  --> Activation/Désactivation du backup de Newtest Exporting Data Services
               "Y" by default
     /d    --> Ajout d'un backup des bases de données
               (NewtestCore, NewtestData, NewtestCollector, NewtestReporting, Newtest Reporting (OLAp))
               "Y" by default
      /t    --> Timeout par défaut des backups base de données
               20 minutes by default
      /rb   --> Ajout d'une copie du dossier de gestion centralisée (pour NMC seulement)
               "Y" by default
      /diag --> Ajout d'une copie du dossier des diagostic (pour NMC seulement)
               "Y" by default
      /expfiles --> Ajout d'une copie du dossier des fichiers extraits (pour NAS seulement)
               "Y" by default
      /o    --> Spécifie le chemin fichier Zip du backup
               Dossier courant by default

     On NMC, NRS, NES, the registry will be saved from the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Auditec SA" node

    NMC part:

    • EXE
    • NOP
    • NWS
    • SSIS
    • WEB
    • SQL databases: NewtestCore, NewtestData, NewtestCollector (if -d activated)
    • Repository (X:\Newtest\Probes read from NEWTEST.INI file) (if-rb activated)
    • Probes configuration backup folder(X:\Newtest\ProbesBackuplu read from RobotBackup.Config file) (if -rb activated)
    • Diagnostics backup folder (X:\Newtest\Diagnostics read from NEWTEST.INI file)

    NRS part:

    • EXE
    • SSIS
    • WEB
    • SQL databases: NewtestReporting (if -d activated)
    • OLAP databases : Newtest Reporting (if -d activated)

    NES part:

    • EXE
    • SSIS
    • WEB
    • SQL databases: NewtestAnalysis (if -d activated)
    • Backup folder of extracted files ('LocalExportRoot' parameter read from the NewtestAnalysis databse) (if -expfiles activated)


    --> Full backup of NMC, NRS and NES stored in the current folder like "NewtestBackup_yyyyMMdd.zip"

    NewtestBackupGenerator.exe -nrs N -d N -o "D:\Temp\MyBackup.zip"
    --> Only NMC files backup (no database) stored in D:\Temp as MyBackup.zip
    This backup contains binaries, diagnostics, repository and the backup repository.

    NewtestBackupGenerator.exe -d N -rb N -diag N -o "D:\Temp\NewtestBinaries_only.zip"
    --> Only binaries backup of NMC an NSR, stored in the D:\Temp\NewtestBinaries_only.zip archive.

    NewtestBackupGenerator.exe /NMC N /NRS N -o "C:\NewtestBackup_AnalysisServerOnly.zip"
    --> Full backup of NES, stored in the C:\NewtestBackup_AnalysisServerOnly.zip archive.



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