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Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer 11 - IE11 issue with NRS

    Review details problem
    Reports are permanently loading  IE 11.
    Solution(s) : 
    1 - Open IE11, go to Tools/Internet Options/Security, add he NRS website to the Trusted Sites
    2 - Open IE11, go to Tools/Compatibility view settings, add the NRS Website to the compatibility view.


    How To Turn Off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration


    1. Open the Server Manager Tool. Configure IE ESC is located on the right hand side of the interface in the section heading Security Information.


    2. Select the link Configure IE Esc and the configuration window will open.


    At this point you can choose whether to turn off IE ESC for Administrators or for Users or for both. I am going to turn it off for administrators since my account is an administrative account.

    How To Turn Off Internet Explorer Enhanced Protected Mode

    To allow our plugin communicate with Internet Explorer, it is mandatory to disable this option.

    This option impairs communications on localhost, so BHO plugin is not allowed to communicate with Webrunner, and all RIA commands fail


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