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Newtest.INI template

    What is Newtest.ini template?

    The Newtest.ini Template is the default Newtest.ini file for every new probe declared from the NMC server.


    Where to find the Newtest.ini template?

    The Newtest.ini Template file is located by default in the following path :

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    For what case changing the Newtest.ini template is useful?

    Changing the Newtest.ini template can be helpful when you want all new probes to have some preloaded changes to their local Newtest.ini files.

    For instance, you'd like to a make sure that all new probes have the parameter [Newtest] LocalResult=1 be present in each Newtest.ini by default. It would be much easier to change the Newtest.ini Template than to change it one by one afterward.

    By simply adding and changing parameters to the Newtest.ini Template, changes will be available for all future new probes.

    Attention  : Changing the Newtest.ini Template file does not update the old probes but only the new ones.
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