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Storage virtualization

    Storage virtualization of NMC/DWH and NRS servers

    If you want to virtualize disks of the Newtest applications(NMC / NRS / DWH), you will have to keep absolutely the same drive letter to avoid any problems. To finish restart the servers and check that the SQL Server Agent service is started and running.

    How to virtualize storage spaces

    1. Stop the following services on both NMC / NRS servers

    Newtest Alarm Service
    NEWTEST Remote Manager
    Newtest server integrity
    Newtest Status Ranges
    SQL Server Agent (NEWTEST)
    SQL Server (NEWTEST)
    SQL Server Reporting Services (NEWTEST)
    SQL Server Analysis Services (NEWTEST)
    SQL Server Integration Services 10.0
    SQL Server Browser
    SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher (NEWTEST)
    SQL Server VSS Writer

    2. Stop NMC/NRS and DWH servers


    3. Storage virtualization step of NMC / NRS / DWH: you will have to keep absolutely the same letters as your current physical drives.


    4. Start the DWH / NRS / NMC servers


    5. Check that the Newtest and SQL services are all started.


    6. The NMC will be in a regulating phase during the maintenance plan. This may take more or less time depending on the number of robots, server capacity, etc.. Supervision will be operational after this regulation.


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