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NEP V4.0

    Newtest Management Console (NMC)


    - A checkbox has been added to the pop-up while deleting a robot

    When you remove a robot from System - Components, the robot's configuration files will remain in the following folder of the server: C:\Newtest\Applications\ClientModules\NewtestBridge\Probes. If you are creating a new robot with the same name, some information from the former configuration (like calendars, groups, etc) will also remain. 

    A checkbox is added to the confirmation pop-up requesting if user wants to definitively remove the previous configuration.

    - Interface translation improved in the NMC.


    Newtest Web Services (NWS)


    - A "NotRunning" status is added to Instance

    An instance here represents a pair of Scenario-Robot instance. The new tatus "NotRunning" indicates the status of a "no longer in execution group" instance.

    - "Uninstalled" status changed to "NotInstalled" for Robot

    The previous robot's status "Uninstalled" is changed to "NotInstalled".

    - Datatype changed from String to Int for some properties

    The datatype of the following properties has changed from String to Int:

    • "ObjectId" of "Alarm"
    • "Id" of "Collector"
    • "MeasureId" and "RobotId" of "Instance"
    • "Id" of "Measure"
    • "ObjectId" of "Message"
    • "MeasuredId" and "RobotId" of "Result"
    • "Id" of "Robot"

    - Status "FailedBeforeRange", "WarningBeforeRange" and "AvailableBeforeRange" removed for Instance

    Three no longer existing instance status are removed from NWS status list.

    - "ParentId" property removed for root hierarchy level 

    Different from NWS v3.x which returns the minimum value of Int type, this property is removed from all root hierarchy level for BusinessLocation and CustomGroup.

    Threshold properties removed for Scenario

    As threshold for scenario has no utility any more, concerned properties are removed :

    • "Threshold" of "Measure" (type Scenario)
    • "MeasureThreshold" of "Result" (type Scenario)


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