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NEP v4.1

    Newtest Management Console (NMC)

    *New features*

    - API REST

    New Web Services (WS) read methods
      * WS SOAP read methods are introduced in this brand new API

    - Plug-In SPLUNK

      * An SQL stored procedure which could be called by Splunk DB connect

    - Plug-In Nagios/Shinken Monitoring for Newtest v4

      * Nagios/Shinken plug-in built in Python



    - Swagger integration for Web Services (WS) REST API

    - Enable authentication on REST WS

    - Publish REST WS on port 80 hostname

      * available under http://<NMC_ServerName>/REST



    - StatusRanges reshaped

      * Take into account of all temporal range corresponding to an excluded execution done from Analysis menu
      * Execution number and availability range consistancy

    - Issue: Server licence update from NMC web interface not propagated to other modules

    - Issue: Newtserv listener issue when increasing log level to 2

    - Issue: Wrong performance calculation in supervision overview

      * When scenario is always in "Warning" status, perf ratio is not displayed

    - Issue: Host and services states are not consistant in Nagios Plug-in


    Newtest Alarm Module (NAM)

    *New features*

    - Included as standard module in v4.1

      * Check from server licence has been removed



    - Issue: Error due to a rule created without any condition


    Newtest Reporting Server (NRS)


    - Change color coding for "out of range" status

      * move color from white to clear grey for 'out of range' status in legend



    - Issue: Suspended status display in report DTL-SUM-EXP-001 

      * Discontinuity of suspended scenario status from one day to another

    - Issue: Measurements not sorted in "Response Time Trends (stacked)" report

      * Even if measurements are sorted in NMC configuration, they are not introduced in "Response Time Trends (stacked)" (ITO-PRF-AGG-001)



    Newtest Monitoring Client: End of Life

    Last available of this tool is released in 4.1 and we decalre the End-of-Life (EOL) for this tool from next version.

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